Do you want to be a Contributing Writer or Photographer with Regional Music Journal?

Writer Description/Guidelines

Regional Music Journal is a weekly web-based publication.  Our main focus is on regional and local music scenes in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas, however, we also cover more established artists, live events and festivals that come through our region.  We cover a variety of musical genres and work to promote local and regional scenes with our coverage.

Articles we publish include album reviews, live performance reviews and interviews with artists.  Currently Regional Music Journal does not publish essays or opinion pieces.  We will accept unsolicited articles at an editor’s discretion and if approved, articles will be published at  If you are submitting an unsolicited request you must provide two writing samples for review before an editor can approve your request.

Regional Music Journal will assist writers in obtaining press passes and tickets to cover live events and also help writers gain access to artists for interviews.  When submitting an idea for consideration, the query should include the proposed subject and the length of the article.  For interviews, questions must be submitted and approved by an editor prior to conducting an interview.

Submissions may be edited and published at any time. Writers are not compensated monetarily.  As a contributing writer you will attend live shows, review music, sometimes prior to release, and in some instances have contact with artists in exchange for your content contribution.  Regional Music Journal retains the right to publish excerpts on any of our social media platforms.

NOTE: Solicitation of record labels, promoters, artists, and publicists on behalf of Regional Music Journal must be done in coordination with a Regional Music Journal Editor. If you want to pursue a story or idea which requires the use of Regional Music Journal’s name for access, it must be authorized by a Regional Music Journal editor prior to contact with any source. 



Regional Music Journal is a weekly publication and your submission must be received by the end of day Friday in order to receive consideration for publication the following Monday.  However, your article may be published at a later date depending on the discretion of an editor.  Album reviews are due one week from the day of approval for the assignment.  Live performance reviews are due within a week of the performance date, and interviews are due within two weeks of the date the interview is conducted.  Early submissions will be accepted but may be published at a later date.


Writing Guidelines:

You are encouraged to develop your own style and your writing must be presented in a professional, objective manner.  When on assignment for Regional Music Journal you will be the voice of the publication and as a representative you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional and mature manner.  Artistic freedom will be given as long as your work adheres to the specific standards of Regional Music Journal as indicated below.

  • Do not write in first person narrative. You are speaking as Regional Music Journal and need to use third person narration.  When reviewing an album, using the third person narrative allows you to speak with authority about the work.  During a live performance, watch the crowd and their reaction.  When you write the review your opinions become part of the collective experience.  Music will always be a subjective experience and as a reviewer, people will look to you, the writer, to direct them toward a particular band or album.
  • When conducting an interview, allow the artist to control the narrative. Your questions should be engaging and you will be expected to steer the conversation, however, allow the artist to determine how they want to represent themselves.  We cover the music, the creativity, and business aspects that musicians face.  Any rumors or personal details will not be published.  With that being said, you can address issues the artist(s) have communicated publically but be careful and make sure the artist approves the use of the information.
  • If you are reviewing a live performance and notice something positive or negative about your interactions with the venue staff you can address this in your article. Likewise, if you encounter restrictive venue policies directed toward the artist or audience, this information can be included as well.
  • Reference artists’ websites, social media and links to any websites where their merchandise can be purchased, including music streaming services.
  • Use italics for album titles and quotation marks for song titles.
  • Write out numbers if they are nine and under or if the number is at the start of a sentence.
  • When referencing decades, use the full four digit number in the first instance and two digits with an apostrophe for each subsequent reference (Example – 1980s then 80s).
  • When referencing a specific year use the full four digit number (Example – 1994).
  • Write out the full title of an artist, album or song on the first use. Abbreviations can be used in subsequent references.
  • Regarding cover songs, be sure to acknowledge the original artist (Example Weezer’s cover of “Africa” by Toto).
  • When in doubt, use the standard AP style of writing.


You are expected to be thorough and confirm all the facts you include in your article.  During interviews use two devices to record the conversation.  A tape recorder is required and a voice recording app on your cell phone can be used as the second device.  You will be expected to save a copy of the recorded interview and provide that information to Regional Music Journal in any instance where we receive allegations of a discrepancy.  If at any time you have problems verifying facts, Regional Music Journal will help you and advise you on your article.


Features – These are interviews and Regional Music Journal will help you set up an in person or telephone interview.  You will be expected to conduct extensive research and submit your questions for approval prior to the interview.  An editor may add, delete or change any of your questions based on the scope of the interview.  When interviewing independent artists, young bands, and local or regional artists, you will be expected to put together a brief biography and talk to the band about their creative process, including songwriting.  Most of the artists in this category have not had a comprehensive piece written about them or their work and Regional Music Journal focuses on giving these bands the exposure they have not received.  As for established artists, the interview process will be completely different and you will have more freedom to approach the subject with questions more relevant to their current work.

Trending SubjectsThese are shorter pieces that cover upcoming concerts, album releases or festivals.

Reviews Includes single, album and live performance reviews.  These can be challenging because you have to be very creative.  You will be expected to describe what you are hearing, seeing and how crowds react during a live performance.



Photographer Description:

Regional Music Journal is seeking photographers are passionate about live concert photography. Shooting for Regional Music Jouranl offers an excellent opportunity to expand your portfolio and gain experience working with an editor and working for a web-based publication.

Only applicants possessing intermediate to advanced skills in concert/live photography will be considered. You must have professional photography equipment to shoot live performances, including adequate lenses and editing software.

We are looking for applicants in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas and top priority will be given to those located within close proximity to a major city such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Smith, Little Rock, Springfield, Kansas City, Wichita, Oklahoma City and Tulsa to name a few.  Applicants must be able to attend and shoot live shows on assignment and possess above-average editing and computer skills.

Regional Music Journal does not compensate photographers at this time for shoots, but you will be given the opportunity to photograph musicians in a live concert environment, we will provide you with a press photo pass, you will learn how to submit your photos properly for publication and given credit for your work.  Photos will be published on Regional Music Journal’s website and social media pages at an editor’s discretion.


How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter, résumé and link to your work (if available) to: