Welcome To Nudy Land Tour Takes Dallas

By:  Jaz’man Hampton, Contributor, Regional Music Journal


The action-packed crowd at Trees Dallas seemingly proved to be loyal fans of up and coming rapper, Young Nudy.  Energy boosted from the venue with a passion for street and trap musical vibes on a Friday night in Dallas’s Music District, Deep Ellum.

The Welcome To Nudy Land tour started an hour late, yet the DJ, Kyle Cannon, made the first hour an effortless breeze. Playing a mixture of early 2009 to late 2018 party music. The crowd danced and partied amongst themselves to tunes like “Swag Surfin’” and “Mo Bamba” until the start of the show.

Blvck London performing at Trees in Dallas 12/07/18 – Photo by Jaz’man Hampton

Blvck London, one of the young talents on the set-list, made some power move’s the night before contributing his talents to the jam session. He tweeted a photo of him and a few professionals with a touching caption.The young rapper has a future for great lyrical bars if he’s lead toward the technical side of rap. Blvck London’s, smooth flow, allows for him to double as a lyrical and trap rapper on great beats.

Blvck London performed like he’s been in the business for a while. In the start of his set, many of the showgoers weren’t interested in him or his music. However, he paid the lack of attention no mind. Instead, he proved himself to the tough crowd by being unapologetically himself.As the performance went on, the audience began to show the young talent some love. He even took the time to join the audience in a mini mosh pit. Blvck London is surely someone to watch for on the music scene.

Yak The Mack, a native of Arlington Texas, hit the stage with extreme momentum. He performed songs from his album release in August of this year, A Mack Named Yak. The album cover pays homage to his hometown of Arlington, with Yak The Mack standing as a silhouette figure in front of what looks to be an old movie theater in Arlington.

Yak the Mack on stage at Trees in Dallas 12/07/18 – Photo by Jaz’man Hampton

Doubling as a model and rapper Mack performed numerous tracks from his 2017 album entitled Return of the Mack, which gives a nice play on words toward his stage name. The audience jammed joyfully to Yak The Mack’s “Everything a Go”. The flow of the catchy joint has the potential to become an enormous hit.


Connecting with the audience seemed to come fluid for the young talent. Yak The Mack invited a member of the audience onto the stage to perform a local dance called “The Woah”. As Mack continued to perform, he also doubled as a hypeman for the young audience member, before allowing the kid to run off the stage into the audience with a water bottle shower.

“Let’s take a picture. Y’all want to take a picture?” Mack asked the audience after the last song. The way Yak The Mack united with the audience was a sign of a genuine connection.

Sadly, the energy took a turn for the worst, when SADFACETHUGGIN hit the stage. He conducted what seemed to be the quickest performance anyone had ever seen. SADFACETHUGGIN went from one song to the next, allowing only four to eight bars per song to play before he wanted a change of track. If the audience weren’t connecting with the song, he would ask DJ Kyle Cannon to switch the track. Near the sixth switch, the general sound man from Trees asked the kid to wrap up and exit the stage.

SG Tip performed at Trees in Dallas on 12/07/18 – Photo by Jaz’man Hampton

Reviving the crowd through street music, Slaughter Gang Tip (SG Tip), a resident of East Atlanta who is currently signed to 21 Savage hit the stage with a nice exchange from the tragedy prior. The fresh new talent has been taking on the career of rap since he was a teenager. He worked with mega-producer Metro Boomin’ toward the end of his pre-adult years, alongside touring with 21 Savage during that time span.

Texas showgoers were accepting of SG Tip. Although, his stage performance could use a little work. Hardcore rappers aren’t often ecstatic with their movement on stage, but SG Tip’s stage presence could use a little more energy than the basic back and forth walk across the stage.

Altogether, the show given by SG Tip is worth the watch, if he goes mainstream it might not be worth the lout. Simply spitting bars to the audience isn’t enough in this era of trap-rap. Small adjustments toward his performance having higher energy and audience connection could give this new talent enhanced leverage.

Lil Keed at Trees in Dallas on 12/07/18 – Photo by Jaz’man Hampton

Lil Keed, a late addition to the lineup, tacked onto the show after SahBabaii canceled for personal reasons midway through the tour. The rising star is from Atlanta and grew up in the same Cleveland Avenue apartments as the melodic sound rapper, Young Thug, per thefader.com. Lil Keed pays homage to the apartments of his upbringing by naming his last two albums ‘Trapped On Cleveland’ and ‘Trapped On Cleveland 2’.

Lil Keed took off quickly in his own city, and now the young talent is rising to stardom in the music industry. Keed is catching the eye of a major artist in the industry and recently release his remix to Fetish which features Young Thug.

Performing in front of loyal trap music fans was easy for Lil Keed. The audience embraced him out the gate and showed why his rise to the top is coming with no effort. A few of the showgoers knew the lyrics to Lil Keed’s music and when he performed Fetish, the whole building rocked with the artist.

The future of Lil Keed is surely bright. He currently released his album,’ Keed Talk To ‘Em’, which dropped Dec. 12th.

Young Nudy welcomed Dallas to Nudy Land with a face full of dreads and his young slime — who also accompanies him in the album cover — the Chucky Doll, which is the main character from the late 1980s thriller ‘Child’s Play’.

The 25-year-old is currently chasing after a dream one of his aid’s pointed out to him. In an interview with No Jumper’s, Adam Grandmaison, Nudy admits that he wasn’t into rapping.

“One of my folks always had that motivation for me, but I wasn’t feeling that [explicit].” Young Nudy said.

Young Nudy is a native of East Atlanta’s Zone 6, which produced established artists like 6lack and Future, he’s also the cousin of fellow rapper 21 Savage, who dropped an album entitled I am > I was on December 21st. The two artists, Young Nudy and 21 Savage, often go live on Instagram when they’re hanging out, together those guys are comedians.

Performing a large portion of his album Nudy Land, the crowd seemed to repeat each word the rapper voiced. Loyal fandom oozed through Trees, the audience repeated Young Nudy’s lyrics like they’ve been rehearsing the bars. Young Nudy also went into newer songs off his album SilmeBall 3, which was released in August, and only contains one feature from 6lack and Future on a song that pays homage to their hometown entitled, Zone 6 remix.

Young Nudy isn’t your average rapper, he isn’t flashy and doesn’t speak on many designers or fashion like some of his cohorts. Nudy is down to earth and he really shares a lot of his personality with the audience.

East Atlanta has produced yet another star with the trap style and street lyrics Young Nudy gives.


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