The Normandys Performing Back to Back Shows

By:  Addie Hayes, Editor/Lead Writer, Regional Music Journal

Tulsa’s own masters of punk The Normandys will be kicking off 2020 with back to back performances on Friday, February 21 at Blue Note in Oklahoma City, and a show on Saturday, February 22 at The Vanguard in Tulsa.  Joining The Normandys will be Oklahoma City favorite Don’t Make Ghosts, and Oklahoma City trio On Holiday.  Claremore rock band Follow The Buzzards are included on the bill for the show at The Vanguard.

The Normandys always deliver a fantastic performance with their raw and gritty style of punk. They have earned a respectable reputation which has led to opening slots for notable bands such as Toadies, Blink-182, The Damned Things, and Strung Out, along with performances at Rocklahoma.  Their album Booze Bitterness Broken Hearts delivers a punch in the face with songs like “Horseshoes and Handgrenades”, “She’s a Waste” and “Too Late”.   In 2019 they released their EP Co-Conspirators of Greater Evils, which included a video for the single “Forgive and Forget”.

Don’t Make Ghosts released their debut EP Death Ride in 2016.  The band has developed a refined sound incorporating melodic, catchy tunes reminiscent of post hardcore bands, along with a distinctly punk sound.  Their artistry sets Don’t Make Ghosts apart from other bands on the local music scene and gives fans the opportunity to experience genuine and extraordinary musical talent.

On Holiday released their EP Going Mad in 2019 and have a west coast tour coming up in March.  The four track EP is full of fast paced, catchy pop punk songs fans will fall in love with immediately.  The band has drawn musical influence from a variety of acts including early pop punk artists Green Day and Blink-182, emo artists My Chemical Romance and ska band Mighty Mighty Bosstones, to name a few.  With the upcoming west coast tour in March, On Holiday have the opportunity to reach new people and broaden their fanbase.

Tulsa band Follow The Buzzards are well known in the Tulsa music scene and will perform with The Normandys, Don’t Make Ghosts and On Holiday at The Vanguard on Saturday 2/22.  Follow The Buzzards are pure Rock N’ Roll and their music includes all the attitude and style that contribute to the defining sound.  In late 2017 the band released their album With the Sinners and in late 2019 they signed with Tulsa record label Mugen Music. 

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