Spotlight on Reliance Code

band-promo-photo4/22/17 By:  Addie Hayes Editor/Lead Writer Regional Music Journal

Rocklahoma 2017 has a massive lineup this year, but one group stands out from all the others, Reliance Code out of Stigler Oklahoma.  The band consists of Todd Falconer on vocals, Shane Diego on guitar and backing vocals, Cody Peebles on guitar, Josh Roach on bass and Chris Law on drums.  Their debut self-titled EP, Reliance Code, is a fantastic piece of work, establishing a distinct style and proving they are an act to be watched.  They used Empire Sound Studio in Dallas to record the four track EP Reliance Code, and worked with Producer Alex Gerst, a 25-year veteran of the music industry.  Gerst has worked with major labels like Epic Records, BMI Records, Atlantic Records and Warner Brothers Records and his production skills were integral in creating their very professional and polished debut.

The EP starts strong with “Come Alive”, a high-energy song showcasing their distinct sound, which plays throughout the entire EP.  With contagious lyrics and a great beat, this track pulls you in and you can’t help but sing along.  “Come Alive” is a great example of the band’s signature style.  They have created a very dynamic, heavy, hard rock sound.  The vocals add emotion and fluctuate between being smooth and contemplative and growling with anger.

The second track “From Afar” starts off slower and darker.  Vocal transitions between deep, dark tones and higher pitched chorus delivery, creates a feeling of desperation or pleading that flawlessly accompany the lyrics.  The bass and drums play a major role in the overall quality, while the guitars add depth throughout the track, allowing the vocals to carry the song.

“Fight for Life” is a powerful song which starts with an intense lead in, including a scream, and grabs your attention from the start.  The pounding of the bass drum creates a dynamic sound full of texture and blends perfectly together with the bass line and guitars.

The final track, “What You’ve Done”, incorporates edgy guitar riffs and emotionally charged vocals to deliver a strong finish to the EP.  The chorus is sung with an almost pleading quality and the song reaches its climax with powerful growling anger.  The strong rhythm is a perfect blend, which compliments the overall dark tone.

Reliance Code has created a formula for success.  Their debut EP proves the band has the talent and skill necessary to build a strong career in the rock music industry.  Creative and original songwriting along with brilliant instrumentation and stellar live performances are what set them apart.  They have completed a full-length album titled Finding Your Way Out, due for release in June of 2017.  The CD Release Party is scheduled for June 17th, and the band has been scheduled to open for HELLYEAH on August 19, 2017.  Below is a list of upcoming dates scheduled throughout the summer, and if you are attending Rocklahoma 2017, don’t forget to catch their set.


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