Sincerely, Tokyo makes stop in Dallas

02/17/18 – By:  Jaz’man Hampton, Contributor, Regional Music Journal


An unexpected cold front hit Dallas on Thursday, but that didn’t stop MadeinTYO’s loyal fans from coming to Trees Dallas in hoodies, heavy coats, and gloves. The show was nearly packed upon entry, and standing toward the front of the stage was the goal of just about everyone.

Nigeria native, Thutmose opened the show. Some of the audience members were familiar with the artist and his work, for others, it was their first time hearing the young talent.

In September 2018, Thutmose released his debut mixtape ‘Man on Fire’, which was inspired by the 2004 film of the same name that starred Denzel Washington. On the mixtape cover, Thutmose is set on fire, in an interview with Mass Appeal he said the photographers lit him on fire eight to nine times, just for that shot. The project is a view of Thutmose early life as a youth and the transition of moving to a new place with a different culture.

Although the crowd didn’t recognize Thutmose or his music, it was easy to rock too. In an interview with XXL, Thutmose said that he’s often compared to musical artist Travis Scott and Drake, which is proven true throughout the track ‘Blame’. The rap flow Thutmose goes for in this song sounds a lot like a Drake flow, and the entire song puts you in the mind of a Travis Scott record.

However, for the rest of the mixtape, Thutmose sounds unique and pushes out nice lyrical bars. Listeners won’t hear the Travis Scott comparison at all if they listen to the full-length of the mixtape.

Thutmose moved to Brooklyn with his family when he was eight-years-old, his mother contemplated moving to the United States as bringing a better life to her children. Little did Thutmose’s mother know, a year later, SWAT would invade her home in search of her husband.

Thutmose Live at Trees in Dallas, TX 02/07/19

“When I was 9, SWAT raided my house,” Thutmose said to the audience before performing ‘Pressure’ a song that features Erykah Badu which is dedicated to the incident with SWAT. His father was detained in a case of mistaken identity.

The college drop out left after realizing he wanted to focus all of his attention on his passion, music. Thutmose is a great spirit, a genuine artist and authentic to his craft.

FIFA currently has a partnership with Thutmose and he is continuing to travel and promote his new mixtape. Thutmose provided the name of each song he performed, which is a great tactic for an up and coming artist, he also kept the audience excited about MadeinTYO throughout his set.

Thutmose could hold longevity in the music industry. His selection of great beats and lyrical storytelling isn’t something we see a lot of anymore in the mumble rap era, so it’s electrifying when a young talent holds the key of original hip-hop.

MadeinTYO came out to a crowd dancing in a synchronized jumping rhythm, as the audience mosh pit to ‘Live Sheck Wes Die Sheck Wes’. When the DJ cut the beat MadeinTYO was standing on the stage ready to go hard.

MadeinTYO grew up as a military brat, moving about states within the U.S. before his family settled in Japan, where he stayed during the duration of his high school career. He credits Toyko for making him the person he is today, which is what his stage name MadeinTYO (made in Toyko) symbolizes. The 26-year-old was influenced by his brother and fellow rapper, 24Hrs, to begin rapping after watching 24Hrs produce music at his home in Washington, D.C.

Madein TYO Live at Trees in Dallas, TX 02/07/19

The young artist was selected in 2017 to grace the cover of XXL’s freshman class list. In his XXL interview, MadeinTYO stated that Pharrell, 24Hrs, Gucci Mane, and M.I.A were a big part of his musical influence.

MadeinTYO has produced several hits since he hit the music scene in 2016. He is most known for his single ‘Uber Everywhere’ which is certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Mosh pit heaven, a phrase many showgoers would use to describe MadeinTYO’s show. “Open the Mosh Pit,” the DJ said to the audience. The crowd began to push one another back as they formed a large circle in the middle of the room. Once the beat dropped the wild showgoers begin jumping in a synchronized rhythm.

MadeinTYO was hyperactively performing to the large body of listeners. Within the first three songs, he was in need of a break. The DJ didn’t slow down the show, he assisted the audience in maintaining their energy with popular hits while MadeinTYO took a water break.

When ‘Chucky Cheese’ dropped, the audience rapped the flow word for word with MadeinTYO. Camera phone flashes filled the room as the young artist jumped and danced about the stage and performed the track from his official debut album, ‘Sincerely, Tokyo’.

“I want to thank you all for streaming this [explicit]. This went gold because of yall,” MadeinTYO expressed to his fans after performing ‘I Want’ and ‘Skateboard P’ at the end of his set.

MadeinTYO is an artist who’s sure to stay around for a while. His influence on music is key in this era. He understands how to network, from having faith to direct message Big Sean on Instagram for a feature and gaining the attention from the A$AP Mob during a tour stop in the same city. Many up and coming artist can learn a lot from MadeinTYO.


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