Seven Bands Compete in Battle for Kattfest

By:  Addie Hayes, Editor/Lead Writer, Regional Music Journal

By:  Addie Hayes, Editor/Lead Writer, Regional Music Journal

On October 4th and 5th, twelve bands competed for the opening slot at Kattfest 2019 on October 26, 2019, at the Zoo Amphitheatre in Oklahoma City.  Kattfest often has a local band perform to kick off the entertainment.  Following the first two nights of battle, seven bands have emerged to compete for the coveted spot.  One of the best things about the Battle for Kattfest, fans get to vote and choose the winner.

Metal band Soul Crisis earned a spot in the finals after performing on the second night of battles in early October.  The band’s music is a mix of thrash metal and nu metal and they deliver a heavy and energetic performance.

Index Paradox brings a different sound to the competition.  Their music is heavily influenced by the early days of alternative rock, mixed with progressive rock and more melodic hard rock.  Fans of artists like Tool and Smashing Pumpkins will be able to appreciate the music from Index Paradox.

Fans of straight up rock music will like One Two Ten.  They have captured the sound of alternative/indie rock and mixed it with an 80s pop sound to create catchy and fun songs.  The band’s roots trace back to Norman, Oklahoma and they performed at the annual Norman Music Festival in early 2019.

If It Bleeds It Dies – Photos Courtesy Boss Bails Photography

Those who are fans of more hardcore metal will be drawn to If It Bleeds It Dies.  The band are fresh off the release of their EP on October 5th and they are ready to introduce new fans to their music.  If It Bleeds It Dies are hard and heavy and bring a darker element to their stage performance.

Local favorites Perseus is one to watch in the battle, they were in the finals at the 2017 Battle for Kattfest and they deliver a strong performance.  Perseus is another band that brings a heavier sound and they do it perfectly.  Frontman Jeremy Knight is one of the best on the local scene with a high energy performance.  Perseus is a tight knit band with extremely talented musicians who will perform well at the Battle for Kattfest final.

Voodoo Dolls – Photo Courtesy Shea Higgerson Photos

Voodoo Dolls are another band to watch closely.  Like Perseus, they were also in the 2017 Battle for Kattfest finals.  The band brings beauty to darkness in their music and their stage show.  Frontman Damian Flynn works hard to engage the crowd and keep the energy high.  Voodoo Dolls have done well and even performed at the famed SXSW festival in Austin, Texas in 2018.

It’s no surprise to any local music fans that Sign of Lies made it to the Battle for Kattfest finals.  The band delivers a consistent live performance and their fan base continues to grow thanks to the energy they bring to the stage.  Vocalist Devon Lacore is fantastic at working the crowd, and his strong vocals makes every Sign of Lies song remarkable.  Guitarist Arik Hanradt is definitely one of the best in Oklahoma City and throughout the region.  He incorporates skill with his energetic on-stage presence, making it impossible to ignore the band when they are on stage.

Sign of Lies – Photos Courtesy Boss Bails Photography

The Battle for Kattfest 2019 will be a night full of fantastic entertainment with one band walking away with the opening slot at Kattfest 2019.  Be sure to head out to the Diamond Ballroom to see these bands give it their all for a chance to win the battle, and your vote will decide who wins the competition.  The bands are selling tickets, or you can head over to the Diamond Ballroom website to purchase tickets.   

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