Rocklahoma Countdown

05/14/17 By:  Addie Hayes Editor/Lead Writer Regional Music Journal


With Rocklahoma 2017 just around the corner, Regional Music Journal continues to cover the bands from the south central region of the United States performing at this year’s festival.  Rocklahoma takes place east of Tulsa, so of course several bands out of Tulsa, Oklahoma are performing this year, including talented veteran acts Difuser and The Normandys.  Both bands have created hard hitting, energetic music and have made their mark on the punk/hardcore scene in northeastern Oklahoma.  The Revolutioners are a talented rock band from Little Rock, Arkansas.  They bring an entertaining live show, which includes blues driven rock music with a catchy beat.  The Reality Of Yourself (T.R.O.Y), from Pleasant Hope, Missouri have performed on the same stage as some of today’s top hard rock bands, including Three Days Grace and Nothing More, who will also be performing at Rocklahoma 2017.



Tulsa band Difuser has been performing over the past two decades throughout the northeastern Oklahoma music scene; they have opened for acts like Honkey, Dick Dale and Agent Orange.  Along with performing extensively, Difuser has released three albums, Lo Fidelity (2012), Difuser (2012) and Fade Away (2016).  The four-piece band, which includes Erv Felker, Eric Showman, Mike Armstrong and Jason Dobbs, has created an impressive body of work, which showcases their years of musical experience.  Difuser’s music is comprised of raw edgy vocals, deep bass and drums driving the rhythm, and guitars creating heavy melodies.  Their style is primarily punk/hardcore; however, they have also created haunting, introspective hard rock.  Rocklahoma fans can expect a great live show, full of raw energy and great music.


The Normandys

The Normandys are Jay Horn on lead vocals, Weston Horn on guitar, Shawn Degan on rhythm guitar, Les Hodge on bass and Pete Webb on drums, all of whom are veterans in the punk/hardcore music scene in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They released their album, Booze, Bitterness and Broken Hearts in 2016 and have continue to write new material while they perform to support their album.  The Normandys take an old school approach to punk/hardcore, making their music reminiscent of bands from the early Los Angeles punk/hardcore scene.  Jay Horn’s gritty vocals are the center piece, with Hodge and Webb keeping the rhythm with rapid bass lines and drums, while Horn and Degan contribute the melody on guitars; their artistry is a result of talented and experienced musicians coming together and creating good music.  The Normandys will bring energy and fun to the Rocklahoma stage.


The Revolutioners

The Revolutioners, from Little Rock, Arkansas, formed in 2010 and have performed with bands like Saving Abel, Hinder and Fuel, to name a few.  In addition to live performances, the band has released a self-title EP, The Revolutioners in 2012, and a full-length album, Crooks, in 2014.  Members include Phil Houston on vocals, Matt Paden and Jackson Hagerman on guitars, Avery Snyder on bass and Johnny DeGood on drums.  They have developed a loyal fan base through strong, energetic performances and creative, entertaining music.  The Revolutioners musical style includes elements of blues and roots rock, as well as more upbeat, catchy party tunes.  Smooth, soulful vocals, bluesy guitars and deep bass lines and drums combine to deliver a brilliant hard rock sound.  This is a band rock fans will enjoy at Rocklahoma 2017.


The Reality Of Yourself (T.R.O.Y.)

The Reality Of Yourself, or T.R.O.Y, formed in 2004 in Pleasant Hope, Missouri.  The band is comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Cord Bishop, guitarist Kyle Girth, bassist Kane Ransom and drummer Erik Milan.  With two studio albums under their belt, Effective Immediately (2008) and The Reality Of Yourself (2012), the band earned the privilege of sharing the stage with heavy hitters such as KORN, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Nothing More and many others.  Bishop’s emotion laden vocals flow from deep and dark to light and soaring, effectively establishing the tone of each song.  Bishop and Girth provide edgy riffs with searing solos, while Ransom adds heavy bass lines accompanied by Milan’s pounding beats.  T.R.O.Y are a perfect addition to the Rocklahoma 2017 lineup and will bring a strong hard rock performance to the stage over Memorial Weekend.


Rocklahoma 2017 continues to look promising with the lineup of bands from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.  Some of the best bands from our region will bring their acts to the stages and provide a wide variety of entertainment for music fans ready for a big Memorial Weekend Party.  Look for our article next week as we wrap up our advanced coverage of Rocklahoma 2017.

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