Rocklahoma Countdown

04/30/17 By:  Addie Hayes Editor/Lead Writer Regional Music Journal

Memorial Day Weekend is only four weeks away, which means it’s about time for Rocklahoma 2017.  The lineup this year includes several acts from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas; at Regional Music Journal we are continuing our coverage of these bands leading up to the festivities.  This week we’re covering three bands with their own very distinct sound, Tulsa, Oklahoma bands Sweatin Bullets and Screaming Red Mutiny, as well as Saint Joseph, Missouri’s Thousand Years Wide.  Each band has developed their own remarkable style which sets them apart from other bands slated to perform this year.


Sweatin Bullets

Sweatin Bullets, from Tulsa Oklahoma, broke onto the music scene in 2006.  They have consistently performed and built a loyal fanbase throughout the years.  The band plays a combination of original music as well as some covers, and delivers a high energy performance.  They are Rocklahoma veterans and well known within the Tulsa music scene.  The band consists of Dustin Rogers on vocals, Darrin Oreams on bass and vocals, Robbie Buck and Ron Harper on lead guitars, and Randy Cook on drums.  This band keeps it tight, which is a testament to their longevity.  On vocals, Rogers’ soulful singing includes a rock edge.  Oreams adds deep, funky bass while Cook has a strong command of the rhythm on drums.  Buck and Harper add duel guitars that include edgy riffs and dancing solos.  Keep up with Sweatin Bullets on Facebook and catch their set at Rocklahoma 2017, they are sure to provide great entertainment.


Screaming Red Mutiny

Tulsa quartet Screaming Red Mutiny started as a side project and evolved into something much more.  Veteran musicians Sprout on vocals, Nick Meena on guitar, Jim Bob Lehr on bass and Anthony Hinton on drums, have created a unique sound that showcases their experience and talent.  They first appeared at Rocklahoma 2016 and will return to the festival stage in 2017.  This dynamic band brings edgy guitars, powerful rhythm and vocals that range from smooth to screaming and growling; the combination is intoxicating.  Screaming Red Mutiny released their debut EP Encumbered We Press in 2016 and will be heading into the studio in mid 2017 to begin work on their next album.  Follow Screaming Red Mutiny on Facebook , and be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming live performances and updates on their forthcoming album. These guys were a hit at Rocklahoma 2016 so be sure to catch their performance this year.


Thousand Years Wide

Thousand Years Wide, out of Saint Joseph, Missouri, formed in 2014.  Their live performances have gained them a solid fanbase throughout Saint Joseph and Kansas City, as well as helping them win a few accolades and awards along the way.  This is an impressive band; with creative songwriting and musical skills, it is easy to see why they won the award for Best New Artist of 2015, presented by Project Backstage.  There is a depth to their music, the more you listen the more you pick out elements you missed.  One of the first things you will notice is the extraordinary guitar playing, which incorporates unique riffs.  The vocals have a breathy quality with a rock edge that works well with the heavy rhythm and inventive melody.  Follow the band at .  Regional Music Journal is looking forward to seeing Thousand Years Wide perform live at Rocklahoma this year, be sure to catch their set.


There is no shortage of talent at Rocklahoma 2017.  This year will be huge for bands from our region; it’s an opportunity for these performers to showcase their music and earn some new fans.  Regional Music Journal will be there to cover all the action and we will continue our advance coverage next week.

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