Rocklahoma Countdown

4/16/17 By:  Addie Hayes Editor/Lead Writer Regional Music Journal

Rocklahoma 2017 has several rock, hard rock and metal bands scheduled to perform; however, three bands out of Tulsa, Oklahoma are set apart from the rest of the lineup, due to their own creative style.  BC & The Big Rig, Skytown and Weston Horn and The Hush have developed distinct styles that adds something a little different to the 2017 festival lineup.


BC & The Big Rig

BC & The Big Rig formed in January of 2015, in Tulsa Oklahoma.  The five-piece band is comprised of veteran musicians, Brandon Clark (lead vocals / rhythm guitar), Sam Naifeh (lead guitar / vocals), Ryan McCall (lead guitar / vocals), Chris Bell (bass guitar / vocals) and James Purdy (drums / vocals).  Their debut, Day Late, Dollar Short, was released in September 2015, and the band toured extensively in support of the album.  On January 13, 2017, BC & The Big Rig released their follow-up album, Do You Remember How to Rock and Roll?   The band incorporates five part harmonies, layers of guitars, deep bass, precise drumming, and creative songwriting to produce an eclectic blend that continues to impress audiences and build the bands fan base.  With elements of funk, blues, southern rock and country, BC & The Big Rig have defied most musical genres.  The band describes themselves as Americana/Roots Rock, but the best way to describe their music is unique, creative and most importantly entertaining.  Check them out on social media at and Also, pick up a copy of the most recent release Do You Remember How to Rock and Roll?, and don’t miss their set at Rocklahoma 2017.



Skytown formed in Tulsa in 2012 and has built a solid following due to their energetic performances and ingenious song writing.  The band draws from a wide range of influences and have forged their own brand of rock music.  The six-piece band consists of Dale Crain on vocals, Timothy Burress on guitar, Jason Ford on acoustic guitar, Eliot Cooper on Drums, David Williams on bass, and John Edens on electric guitar.  Crain expertly delivers catchy lyrics, while Burress and Ford add acoustic guitars to create an alluring sound that grabs hold and draws you into Skytown’s world.  Eden’s superb guitar skills along with Cooper and Williams keeping the rhythm finish out their distinct sound.  The release of their album Outshine the Sun lead to the band’s first music video for “Through Circles”, a beautifully haunting song.  Don’t miss Skytown’s set at Rocklahoma and in the meantime follow the band on Twitter at or on Facebook at


Weston Horn and The Hush

Weston Horn has been in the music business since 2009 and his most recent endeavor, Weston Horn and The Hush, has been gaining ground with music fans through their live perormances.  Horn, vocalist / guitar, is backed by The Hush, a seven-piece band comprised of Barrett Lewis on guitar, Steve Snyder on bass, Mat Donaldson on drums, Jack Van Heel on trumpet, Alan Sandoval on trombone and Drew Thomas and Craig Seiler on saxophone.  This blend of talented musicians incorporates traditional rock music with elements of funk, blues and jazz to create a distinctive sound.  The band has been working on their first album and recently wrapped shooting for their first video.  You can follow them on Facebook at and catch their performance at Rocklahoma, it is sure to be an entertaining set.


BC & The Big Rig, Skytown and Weston Horn and The Hush are bringing a little something different to Rocklahoma 2017.  Each of these bands are extremely talented and fall just outside the normal bounds of traditional rock music.  Their unique approach to creating their own brand of rock will add a fresh sound to the massive lineup set to play over Memorial Weekend.  We’ll continue our countdown next week with coverage of more bands slated to perform at this years’ Rocklahoma.

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