Rocklahoma 2017 Countdown

4/02/2017 By:  Addie Hayes Editor/Lead Writer Regional Music Journal

This week Regional Music Journal turns its spotlight on two Oklahoma bands slated to perform at Rocklahoma 2017.  Locust Grove out of Oklahoma City, OK and Reliance Code from Stigler, OK are two hard rock bands we look forward to at this year’s festival.  Both bands have created their own unique brand of hard rock and powerful performances that will entertain rock fans over Memorial Weekend.


Locust Grove

Oklahoma City band Locust Grove is made up of veteran musicians; the four-piece heavy hitter includes Zain Smith on vocals and guitar, Vince Lindstrom on guitars, Quentin Williams on bass and Joey Mandigo on drums.  The members bring together an impressive collection of experience, including former membership in bands such as Anti-Mortem, Siva Addiction, Heatfix, Warneck, and Lord Dying.  Smith’s growl and raw vocal delivery are complimented with Lindstrom’s powerful guitar riffs.  Williams slaps out the groove while Mandigo brings the heavy beats to produce their own unique brand of hard rock.  The collective experience of these musicians has produced quality work as well as strong live performances throughout the United States.  Check out their sound at or and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates for upcoming shows.  And don’t forget to catch their set at Rocklahoma 2017 to see their powerful live performance.


Reliance Code

Reliance Code is a do not miss band scheduled to perform at Rocklahoma this year.  The band formed in Stigler, OK in 2014 and released their debut self-titled EP in 2016.  The band has created a very solid piece of work on their debut EP, and produced a strong, modern-hard rock sound that will be appreciated by younger and older rock fans alike.  Todd Falconer on lead vocals brings a clean, smooth delivery reminiscent of Benjamin Burnley (Breaking Benjamin) or Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars).  Shane Diego and Cody Peebles brings the guitars with strong performances that perfectly compliment Falconer’s vocals, including backing vocals by Diego.  Josh Roach and Chris Law make-up the rhythm section and produce the heavy beats driving the rhythm.  Give Reliance Code a listen at and follow them on Facebook at to catch updates about their upcoming performances and to find out where to purchase their debut EP.


Both Locust Grove and Reliance Code are busy touring and performing leading up to Rocklahoma 2017.  Both bands are a must see for hard rock fans at this year’s festival; Regional Music Journal will be covering their performances.  We’ll continue our countdown next week with coverage of more bands slated to perform at this years’ Rocklahoma.

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