Oliver Tree Performs at Deep Ellum Art Company

By:  Addie Hayes, Editor/Lead Writer, Regional Music Journal

Indie pop artist Oliver Tree performed at Deep Ellum Art Company in Dallas, Texas on March 14, 2019.  He began writing and recording music at an early age, eventually joining a rock band called Irony as the singer and guitarist.  As a teenager he became a DJ and explored rap music.  All his exploration as a young artist has culminated into the music Oliver Tree creates today, a mix of dreamy indie pop and electronic. 

Oliver Tree Performing at Deep Ellum Art Company in Dallas Texas – Photos Courtesy Adriance Rhoades

When Oliver Tree took the stage at Deep Ellum Art Company in Dallas, he performed the majority of his 2018 EP Alien Boy, including the songs “Alien Boy”, “Upside Down”, “All That”, “Enemy” and “All I Got”.  Oliver Tree signed with Atlantic Records who released the EP Alien Boy, following the success of his 2016 single “When I’m Down”, which he also performed during his set at Deep Ellum Art Company.

Other songs performed during the show in Dallas included singles like “Hurt”, “Fuck” and “Forget It”.  He also performed two unreleased songs “Enough For You” and “Waste My Time”. 

Oliver Tree is a captivating performer whose eccentric live show includes a lobster suit and multiple outfit changes.  The venue was packed with fans eager to see the performance and Oliver Tree delivered an entertaining and energetic show.

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