Nothing More at Diamond Ballroom

11/12/17 By: Addie Hayes Editor / Lead Writer Regional Music Journal

On Wednesday November 08, 2017, Nothing More made a stop in Oklahoma City at the Diamond Ballroom. Also on the bill was Hell or Highwater, Palisades and My Ticket Home, who provided direct support for Nothing More.  The show was full of hard rocking music, beautiful lighting and magnificent performances from all of the extremely talented bands on the bill.

Hell or Highwater frontman Brandon Saller at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City 11/08/17 – Photo Courtesy Staff Photographer

California based band Hell or Highwater started the evening with their heavy hard rock. Frontman Brandon Saller, also known for his work with metalcore band Atreyu, helped get the crowd started with his energetic and engaging stage presence.  The band brought a party vibe to the Diamond Ballroom with hard rocking tunes.  Saller ventured into the crowd toward the end of the band’s set, which got the audience worked up in anticipation for the remainder of the show.  Hell or Highwater did an excellent job to start off the evening.

Palisades, out of New Jersey, followed Hell or Highwater with their distinctive style of hardcore rock which incorporates ethereal elements, creating a very atmospheric sound that entices the audience into an emotional response to the music. Along with their sound, the band incorporates a dramatic light show.  Palisades is a perfect band for people who look for something more than the offerings of mainstream rock radio.  The band brought a beautiful artistry to the lineup.

Palisades at Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City 11/08/17 – Photo Courtesy Staff Photographer

Following Palisades was Columbus, Ohio band My Ticket Home. While the band may be comprised of young musicians, they are actually seasoned veterans of the music scene, having formed in 2008 and releasing their first EP in 2009.  My Ticket Home has a discography including two EPs and three albums, and years of experience with live performances.  They took the stage and from the first song the crowd was hooked.  Their music includes elements of heavy metal, hard rock and punk, drawing in fans with varying musical tastes.  Lead singer and bassist Nick Giumenti has undeniable charisma along with strong vocals, which helped the band stand out in the immensely talented lineup.

My Ticket Home Vocalist/Bassist Nick Giumenti at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City 11/08/17 – Photo Courtesy Staff Photographer

When Nothing More took the stage, the crowd was more than ready for the set. They opened with “Christ Copyright” from their 2014 self-titled album Nothing More.  Throughout the set, they performed several crowd favorites from the Nothing More album, including “Mr MTV”, “I’ll Be Ok”, “Here’s to the Heartache”, “Ocean Floor”, “This is the Time” and their hit song “Jenny”.  The band also performed several songs from their newest release The Stories We Tell Ourselves.  Songs from the new album included the Grammy nominated hit “Go To War”, as well as “Let ‘Em Burn”, “Don’t Stop”, “Ripping Me Apart”, “Just Say When”, and “Do You Really Want It?”.  During the performance the band also broke out the Bassinator and the Scorpion Tail, two aspects of their stage performance that sets the band apart from other rock performers.

Nothing More Vocalist Jonny Hawkins Performing at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City 11/08/17 – Photo Courtesy Staff Photographer

The new album is a continuation of Nothing More’s unique sound and innovative approach to creating music. Jonny Hawkins distinctive vocals make songs immediately identifiable, while Mark Vollelunga on guitar, Daniel Oliver on bass, and Ben Anderson on drums, round out the original sound which has propelled the band to the national spotlight.  Nothing More has taken a less conventional path throughout their music career; now fans are catching on to the band and loving what they hear.

With more recognition, the band has seen greater success. The track “Go To War” from their new album topped the Billboard charts, was used in television commercials for the film War for the Planet of the Apes, and received Grammy nominations in 2017 for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song, while the album The Stories We Tell Ourselves was nominated for Best Rock Album.

Nothing More performed at The Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City on 11/08/17 – Photos Courtesy Staff Photographer

The evening was full of tremendously talented bands, and ended with the much anticipated performance from Nothing More. Fans sang along to old favorites and tracks from the new album.  Nothing More never disappoints with a live performance and the show at the Diamond Ballroom was one of the best of 2017.

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