Kyoto Lo-Fi Black Rainbow EP


4/15/17 By:  Addie Hayes Editor/Lead Writer Regional Music Journal

Dallas Band Kyoto Lo-Fi released their debut EP Black Rainbow in August of 2016.  The 4 tracks surpass anything being produced by modern rock musicians.  If you’re a fan of the music that came out of CBGB during the mid to late 1970s, bands like Television, Richard Hell and The Voidoids, The Cramps, Talking Heads or any of the other innovative and talented musicians who shaped the early punk and new wave scene, then Kyoto Lo-fi is a band you must hear. But be prepared, they are more than just a throwback to the past; they have created their own brand of music by conjuring the basic elements of punk and early rock and adding their own vision.

The lead track “Black Candles” is darker, with strong, deep bass accompanying sublime vocals.  Higher pitched guitars add the perfect contrast to the darker atmosphere of this song.  “Spaceships” is the second track and marks a drastic change in tempo, creating almost frantic moments when the vocals rise to a higher pitch.  The only thing hindering this song is the vocals, at times, being drowned out by the bass.  “Sabotage” grabs your attention right off, producing a solid old school rock sound with noticeable influence from the 1990s alternative British scene, most notably in the vocals.  The EP ends with the track “Megatron”, which has a strong early punk vibe.

Kyoto Lo-Fi is a band to watch, their talent is unequivocal in today’s music scene.  However, to rise to the next level with their music, a stronger production quality is necessary.  The rawness of Black Rainbow will be appreciated by some, and bodes well for live shows.  Check out the Black Candles (Live Audio) on YouTube for a taste of their live performance.  Follow Kyoto Lo-Fi on Twitter at and on Facebook at, also support the band by purchasing a download of their EP.

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