Highbridge The Label host Dallas on Second Date of the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour

By: Jaz’man Hampton, Contributor, Regional Music Journal

TIDAL’s podcast show, Rap Radar, sat down with Highbridge The Label(HBTL) earlier this year introducing the new company to heaps of music fans.

The most noticeable act from HBTL, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, is from The Bronx in New York is currently on his Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. The tour features all three artists who are presently signed to Highbridge, The Label: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Don Q and Trap Manny. The brand doesn’t contain an identifying mark, each artist creates a different musical sound and portrays various fashion styles, though they support the same ambitions music and money.

The audience at House of Blues was packed into the venue like a can of sardines. Supporters of the young talent are willing to literally rub shoulders with strangers all night, just to say they’ve seen A Boogie live. Dallas displayed a lot of love for the artist on his second night of the tour.

A Boogie on the left rapping along with Trap Manny

Taking the stage first was the newest addition to the Highbridge Label, Trap Manny. A new artist to the music scene, Trap Manny isn’t much of a talkative rapper, he’s letting the music speak for itself. During the Rap Radar interview, you would’ve completely forgotten he was sitting in the room. The Highbridge team had to nearly force, Trap Manny, to speak. Although, this might be common for the label. When A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie hit the scene back in 2016, he would imitate this same action in interviews, and would hardly open up with his fans and spectators.

Trap Manny has the average rap style of your generic rapper in 2019. He doesn’t have a special element to him. No disrespect to the kid and his talent, but its definitely been done before, consistently. His performance was quick and hardly memorable. Yet, throughout the performance, the audience at House of Blues were willing to party to the trap rappers music.

Don Q on the left during his performance at House of Blues Dallas

Don Q adds a different sonance to the Highbridge Label. With his real New York sound, Don Q is easily comparable to the Dave East and Casanova’s of the East Coast. With his dedicated rap style, Don Q gives the listener a history of his life on tracks like, Don Season pt. 2, where he talks about putting his mother through a lot, but all those poor decisions made him the man he is today. Don Q produces music that is as real and authentic as an honest man can.

The hardcore side isn’t the full package of Don Q, he’s actually easy going and goofy. On the famous, Lip Service podcast show, Don Q opened up and shared a serious story about an old girlfriend of his with Angela Ye and company.

A loyal member of the Highbridge Label, it’s easy to see that Don Q cares a lot about his team and its success in the music industry. However, he wasn’t really in favor of adding a female to the group while talking to Elliot Wilson and B.Dot. The rest of Highbridge is willing to tack on a female act, only if she has the right wave to match the boys.

Don Q Live at House of Blues with Highbridge Label

Don Q performs like the hood dude he naturally portrays. A light pace back and forward across the stage with a pop out here and there for showgoers on either side of the room, allowing fans to capture an image of him. Don Q occasionally spoke to the audience and shook hands with fans. Although his set isn’t consistent hopping and extremely turnt up groups, it is genuine to his personhood. Don Q comes across as a real guy and an everyday person. He’s fit to last in the spotlight.

Highbridge the Label doesn’t seem to be a happy family, though it isn’t bad. During the interview, the tension in the room seemed to be on level five. It was obvious not everyone in the crew always agreed and some members get more attention than others. The whole interview, the Highbridge label mates seemed to out speak one another, or completely out-talk each other.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Performing at House of Blues Dallas

If you’re not a fan of A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie on his album, then going to see his live show would be simply wasting your money. However, this artist is a new era product, and these ears just aren’t hipped to his sound, yet.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is an artist who shares the sound of Atlanta rappers, but with a New York twist. A rock star’s singing voice on slowed trap beats is hardly honorable in the mind of a rap lyricist lover, but the fan-base of A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is outrageous. The audience seemed to stand one on top of the other throughout the entire set, and it grew horrendously whenever a popular song was performed.

A Boogie at the end of his performance, bringing Trap Manny and Don Q back to the stage.

A Boogie is upright as a loving boyfriend and father. He, along with rapper Lil’ Baby, can be the first to take credit for rappers being “boo’d up” as a new wave in hip-hop music. Respecting women and sharing their spotlight with a significant other is becoming a common aspect of new era rap and hip-hop musical talents. The young rapper is buying off the same jewelry and label trucks as other young artists, but he doesn’t shine the same, he’s very low key with the flashing lights generation of music.

As a now, very talkative artist, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie makes for great interviews. He is able to provide information, give a nice story, and flex his nice currency growth within one awesome sound bite. A person can walk away from an A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie interview and feel like they know him a little better. Same with his social media presence, he is someone you’ll enjoy following.

Considering everything, HBTL is a group who’s work ethic got them this far and continuing to put in work will take them to higher levels in the music industry.

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