DUCKWRTH’s The Falling Man Tour Makes Stop In Dallas

By:  Jaz’man Hampton, Contributor, Regional Music Journal


The Falling Man Tour enriched the stage of Dallas Art Company Friday night. The tour feeds the audience with a strong meaningful presence of soulful tunes, and an organic vibe of beats that will have the crowd dancing about throughout each set.

Harry Edohoukwa performing at Deep Ellum Art Company in Dallas TX 11/02/18 – Photo by Jaz’man Hampton

Harry Edohoukwa, the first act on the tour, entered the building as if he owned it. Strolling toward the stage, Harry, shook hands with some and nodded his head toward others.  The cool guy spoke three words into the microphone, “I’m Harry Edohoukwa,” and the audience embraced the singer right away.  The Texas native grew up in McKinney and later moved to Austin hopeful that his music career would have a better chance of taking-off, per

Full of energy, the enthusiastic young man, ran through a set of songs based on reggae and hip-hop sounds. Edohoukwa’s confidence as a performer is top tier, throughout the show, you can feel his positive vibe and self-assured poise.  As the only artist at the show to perform with a live band, Edohoukwa’s sound came alive through the dynamic range of musical drums and bass guitar. Harry has a heavy mixture of 80’s soul musical sounds and 90’s lyrical rap/R&B within his unique talent.

The soulful musician, conducive to gaining attention easily with his great looks and posh swagger, plays well with his audience. In between songs, the show goers screamed “Harry”, and he always replied with the same phase, “Shh, I have to hurry [Harry] up”. In a lot of ways, it seems that the reply is a play on words toward his name, Harry.  Musically, Harry Edohoukwa is producing tracks for the lady’s, yet it’s apparent that he’s also writing the music to simple express himself. Tracks like “Joy” & “Medusa”, comes across as real-life events, in lyrical forms.

While performing the song titled “Mrs Mrs” from his new EP, Silhouettes (Circa ‘17), Edohoukwa authentically allowed the onlookers to indulge with him as he reminisced over a significant other. His charming character produces the song to the audience as if they’re seeing that conflicting emotion within him come alive.  Edohoukwa’s musical sound isn’t mainstream, or even a subgenre that many have heard of. It’s safe to say he’s in his own lane. With the performance he provides and the passionate energy behind his music, he’s sure to make a name for himself in the music industry.

Deem Spencer at Deep Ellum Art Company 11/02/18 – Photo by Jaz’man Hampton

Falling from one man to the next, the tour continued with Deem Spencer, a rap and hip-hop artist from South side Jamaica Queens. The 22-year-old seems shy, but one could say he’s just nonchalant in new crowds.  Deem Spencer asked consistently for about three minutes into his performance, for the production team too, “Turn the lights off… please,” in which they complied. He then spent his entire performance in the dark. However, the stage had two large LED screens that helped convey a silhouette of his figure throughout the showcase.



Paying to see an artist or lack thereof, isn’t attractive if you can’t really see them. The up and coming artist should reform the idea of not wanting lights, in an already darkened room. When he’s thinking of stage production he should also think of the fans. Not being able to completely see the artist they enjoy could be a turnoff.

In an era of mumble rap, it’s intriguing to have lyrical bars deriving from an East Coast native. Hip-hop, as a profession, was largely influenced by East Coast rappers and their conscience messages, a lot like Deem Spencer’s sound.  Deem Spencer isn’t the easiest artist to connect with. A fan of conscience and lyrical music will find his music good, yet not great because his beat selection is sometimes louder than his actual voice. Making out the words in a live show could be harder for someone who’s never listened to him.

In a song entitled “SOAP”, the young rapper explains how he used to be like his friends, or he would do things to impress them, but now he could care less what anyone thinks of him. Deem Spencer, through lyrics, also exposed that he’s not a fan of college because college is somewhat of a scam.  While introducing “I was talking to God”, a single he release this year, Deem Spencer asked the audience if they’ve ever cheated on someone to make some noise.

Left – Harry Edohoukwa performing in Dallas TX 11/2/18     Right – The crowd at Deep Ellum Art Company Enjoying The Falling Man Tour 11/2/18


“Man, they really proud of cheating,” Deem Spencer said toward his DJ, as the crowd fell into laughter. “… Well, this is a song about getting cheated on,” he continued. Deem Spencer then went on to teach the audience the lyrics to the song so they were able to partake in the show with him.  All and all, Deem Spencer is a good artist. Although he could use work in some areas, yet with experience in the business, those areas could be fixed.

Both Harry Edohoukwa and Deem Spencer joined the audience after their sets and interacted with fans and show-goers.

DUCKWRTH performing on stage at Deep Ellum Art Company in Dallas TX 11/2/18 during his The Falling man Tour – Photo by Jaz’man Hampton

DUCKWRTH, the show’s headliner, is an up and coming artist who recently paraded his lyrical skills on the BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher.  South Central Los Angeles’ very own is a natural at performing live. As a newer artist, the performance DUCKWRTH provides the audience with is funky and full of meaning.


Influenced heavy by acts like Prince and Michael Jackson, it’s evident that the young artist is a serious lover of the art of music. Vocally, he’s able to do things that seem next level, he’s surely a natural for the music world.  Energetically, DUCKWRTH danced, hopped, and shimmed across the stage performing songs from his album I’m Uugly, but it wasn’t until he performed songs from his new mixtape, An XTRA UUGLY Mixtape did the audience really seem to come alive.

Taking a moment to remember Mac Miller, a rapper that passed away this past September, and others like Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson, DUCKWRTH performed MICHUUL.  A song expressing that he has a want to be around a significant other and show them something they’ve never seen. The funky tune is a crowd mover.

The entire show was a workout for the audience and the performer. DUCKWRTH even mentioned a few times that he was hot, although he did wear a Khaki jumpsuit.  Attending the Falling Man tour is like a great aerobic exercise in a class full of expressive artist who enjoy the soul passion of music and great vibe.


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