Dreamville Invites Creatives to Atlanta for making of “ROTD3”

By Jaz’man Hampton, Contributor, Regional Music Journal


Precisely four months before the first ever Dreamville Festival, the Dreamville Label, announced a compilation album for ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’ via social media invites. The personalized invites commenced Dreamville’s artist to provide their creative talents in a 10-day long studio session in Atlanta, Georgia, which began on Jan.6th and will close on Jan.16th.

The initial, ‘Revenge of the Dreamers’ (ROTD), was released as a mixtape on J.Cole’s 29th birthday, January 28th, 2014. The tape consisted mostly of J.Cole, with multiple tracks and features from the newly signed artists Bas a native of Queens, New York, and Omen — who now doubles as an in-house producer for Dreamville, much like J.Cole.

The following year, J.Cole and the Dreamville team, tweeted “1–888–88-DREAM”, announcing the sequel. ‘ROTD2’ was released as a studio album which incorporated Bas and Omen, with additional Dreamville artist CozzAri Lennox and Lute, who were all new to the label during the making of the album.

Nearly four years later, the 3rd addition to the ‘ROTD’ series is underway. ‘ROTD3’ includes all the Dreamville vets, and for the first time adding EarthGang, a hip-hop duo, and J.I.D. Both acts signed to Dreamville in 2017 and co-founded the musical collective entitled, Spillage Village.

The album — hopeful, due to the invites — will contain a track or feature by Top Dog Entertainment’s new artist Reason. Apparently, Reason isn’t just creating music in this private studio session, he is also doing a fitting in a bit of marketing. J.I.D’s ‘Catch Me if You Can’ tour didn’t have any artist besides himself on the Dec. 4th Instagram post, but on Jan. 8th the lineup added Reason, Hardo, and Louthehuman.

The studio session is currently being shared daily through Dreamville’s social media, and recently some uninvited guest have been crashing the party. Wale and Big K.I.R.T, musical artist and friends of J.Cole’s, actively tweet and post to Instagram that they’re joining in on the private session. However, it hasn’t been confirmed that they’ll be featured on the project.

Dreamville’s personalized invites also went out to popular producers, photographers, artist, and other creatives. During a Dreamville Instagram Live on Sunday, Jan.6th the label President, Ibrahim Hamad, stated that fans and malicious spectators are creating fake invites. However, Hamad declared that the actual invites are “watermarked”.

Well-known producer T-Minus, who often works alongside the “Champagne Papi” Drake, is providing his skills to the session. Likewise, 22-year old Memphis producer, Tay Keith, who had a huge record with BlocBoy JB in spring of 2018, is in Atlanta lending a helping hand to the project.

A familiar, Juro “Mez” Davis, is in Atlanta also. Mez was featured in J.Cole’s 2017 documentary ‘Eyez’ and works in-house as producer/engineer for the Dreamville label.

At the moment, the label hasn’t revealed an official release date for ‘ROTD3’, although many ‘Dreamervillians’ believe it’s subject to be released on the closing date of the studio session, Jan.16th.


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