Deathwhite Release New Music Video

By:  Addie Hayes, Editor/Lead Writer, Regional Music Journal

Dark metal band Deathwhite have released their new music video in collaboration with Ghost Cult Magazine.  The video is for their new song “Funeral Ground”, which will be featured on their upcoming full-length album Grave Image, scheduled for release on January 31, 2020 via the record label Season of Mist. 

Funeral Ground video released in collaboration with Ghost Cult Magazine

The video starts out ominous with A menacing guitar riff and images of figures cast in shadow.  The darkness is then juxtaposed with brightly colored images of nature, with trees, leaves and rippling water filling the screen while the same ominous music continues to play.  The scene then cuts back to black and white images of the band clocked in black clothing, performing the song in a dark, smoke filled setting.  There is dark beauty in the song and video, which contrasts light and dark, calm and gloomy.  Ghost Cult Magazine described the video saying, “The bleak and emotive track plays over the stylized clip of the band performing intercut with ominous moments that juxtapose the nature of life and death.”

In a recent press release, the band commented on the upcoming album and the video for “Funeral Ground”, saying, “We were quite elated upon seeing Jérôme Comentale’s cover art design for ‘Grave Image.’ With that mind, we wanted to find some way to tie it into a video, which we did for “Funeral Ground”. It is not obvious at first, but, rest assured, it is there. We had the good fortune of shooting during a brisk autumn day in the natural outdoors, something that we feel only added to the song’s overall atmosphere, which treads some new – no pun intended – ground for us. Due credit to our resident jack-of-all-trades Shane Mayer, who lent his considerable time and energy to the video’s creation”.

Grave Image Cover Artwork by Jérôme Comentale – Album Scheduled for Release 1/31/20

The band recorded the album during the spring of 2019 at Cerebral Audio Productions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Shane Mayer produced and engineered the album, while Art Paiz engineered the vocal tracks at Mana Recordings.  Metal maestro Dan Swanö mastered the album at Unisound and the artwork and design were done by Jérôme Comentale.  The band has said Comentale’s visuals are crucial to their overall aesthetic.

Fans of Deathwhite will notice Grave Image includes cleaner, more emotive vocals rather than the harsher singing styles often found in the metal scene today.  This will prove to set the band apart and appeal to a much larger audience as many metal fans are searching for a more refined sound.  The band said, “We consider ourselves to be quite privileged to have Deathwhite in our lives.  With that in mind, Grave Image represents the months of hard work that went into its creation. It is our hope it will resonate long after we’ve outlived our usefulness. If nothing else, we hope it will find a home with those who share a similar frame of mind as us.”

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