Coming’ At You Live: A Dreamville Advance Series — Featuring Omen

By:  Jaz’man Hampton, Contributor, Regional Music Journal

Dreamville, the label, founded in 2007 by college friends Jermaine Lamarr Cole and Ibrahim Hamad. Two years later, Dreamville signed its first artist, a talented kid from Chicago, Illinois named Damon Coleman. Omen, Coleman’s stage name, is a poetic rapper and a great fit to the Dreamville ally.

Omen is a vet to the music industry. Although he isn’t sought after as frequently as his Dreamville siblings. He does work in both the front and the background with rapping and producing for the idolized label. As an in-house producer, we wont always hear Omen on a track, though we could hear a beat produced by him.

Omen and Ari Lennox are the only two artists on the Dreamville label to solely release one album under the label. However, Ari Lennox is now openly days, weeks, or months away from releasing her second album.

Yet, Omen isn’t even in the works of another album.

Delayed, a mixtape Omen released in 2010 was the first official work of Omen on record. The first mixtape was helpful to the artist, but the next mixtape, Afraid of Heights, elevated him to a comfortable position. Despite those mixtapes, Omen released a debut album in 2015 entitled, Elephant Eyes, yet he hasn’t put out a project since.

As the desolate child of the Dreamville family, Omen always comes around during family functions. In 2013, Omen joined the family to record the first tape of what would live on to become a three series project ‘Revenge Of The Dreamers’. The third exploit is set to be released sometime this year. Omen also appeared with the team during their Dreamville weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, this past NBA All-Star break. He even partied onstage with the team during their ‘overtime’ event they held after the NBA All-Star game.

For a rapper who doesn’t put out much work, Omen is someone you would like to hear from when he does spit. He isn’t super lyrical, but he is angelically poetic. Omen could compare well to acts like Coach Tev and Common, most. Omen will provide the listener with a reason to think deep while making it sound like an effortless conversation.

Omen is a well-suited for Dreamville. He allows the family to have a poetry style with hip-hop swagger. The idea of Dreamville without Omen wouldn’t seem complete.

In April, Omen will be performing with the rest of Dreamville during their first ever Dreamville Festival in Raleigh North Carolina.

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