Coming At You Live — A Dreamville Advance

By:  Jaz’man Hampton, Contributor, Regional Music Journal

Giving you the gospel in a beyond heavenly lyrical form is none other than Dreamville’s wild child, Cody [Explicit] Mac! A king in the kitchen by day, and poet writing in a notebook that Cole gave him by night, Cozz is a young talent whose playing the field very well.

A star in his own right, Cozz is a spirit who’s musical talents were inevitable to appear, whether he ever signed with J.Cole’s Dreamville Label, or not. Raw talent is a great phrase to use while describing Cozz’s character. He was destined for something greater, and he was meant to become a man who’s musical soul inspired others.

South Central California native, Cozz Osagie, creates the impression that getting signed to a label like Dreamville is easy, but for a talent like him, isn’t it? J.Cole caught wind of Cozz once he released his video to the song ‘Dream’which appears on his debut album Cause and Effect. In recent years, Cozz has begun receiving mainstream attention and taking his career to the next level.

In the 2015 release of ‘Revenge of the Dreams II’ Cozz showed a new effect in his rap game. On his track Growth, which features Correy C, Cozz speaks about maintaining hard issues in life and how they changed him for the better. On his album ’Cause and Effect,’ the west coast native allows fans’ into the life of a teen learning life, joining forces with a great MC, and never knocking the hustle because it was always his pathway for greatness and large bags of currency. Cozz released his second album in February of 2018. The album serves as an adulthood growth from his first release and contains features from major artist Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Curren$y.

Cozz is one of the masterminds on Dreamville, his wordplay is compelling and will have the listener thinking deeply about even a simple word like “thought”, which he examines throughout a track entitled ‘Questions’. However, in a Car Test interview with Elliott Wilson, Cozz spoke about sampling, having trouble during his career with the darkness of not enjoying rapping and writing the same, and a “Writing Drill” that reminds you of grade school English class learning.

“You pick one word and rhyme every line with that one word. It just trains your brain to think over-the-top.” Cozz told Elliott when explaining the “Writing Drill” trick that helped him out of his funk.

Cozz and Elliott Wilson’s ‘Car Test’ interview.

As a man that cares heavily about his work ethic, the young artist is still having to prove himself, even with J.Cole and Dreamville referring him. Though he doesn’t seem to mind having to prove himself, rapping against greats like Kendrick Lamar and Curren$y, Cozz is able to meet them on their success levels of rap.

Like the wild child of Dreamville, Cozz is becoming his own man in this game and he’s come a long way from the life he knew in South Central. You’ll be able to catch him, the Dreamville family, and special guest this spring in North Carolina, April 6th. Get tickets now at Dreamville Festival Tickets now.

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