Coming At You Live — A Dreamville Advance – Featuring Lute

By:  Jaz’man Hampton, Contributor, Regional Music Journal

Dreamville Record Label carries the same classic timeless musical vibe through every artist they produce. Dreamville’s sound as a composite label isn’t comparable to one another, but it is unique to there core of music, and the same goes for their artist. From hip-hop collective group Forever FC to going solo, Lute, a Dreamville signee has put himself on through the passion he holds toward music.

Luther Nicholson, a native of West side Charlotte, North Carolina signed to Dreamville Records in 2017. The ‘Still Slummin’ artist was brought to the attention of J.Cole through one of his peers in 2012, after dropping his project West 1996 pt. 1.

The large gap in Lute’s career guides an individual to believe he’s always put forth an effort to grind and hustled in the rap game, however, that’s far from the actual story. The rapper dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, after spending most of his high school career in and out of in-school suspension. “I started going to ISS. ISS was like an elective for me, it might as well had been on my schedule,” Lute said in his 2017 mini-documentary entitled ‘Still Slummin’.

After battling a series of unwanted jobs and writer’s block throughout the five-year span since the release of his first project, Lute finally got back to the music. “I had a friend who said, ‘Man, if I had a daughter, I’d have a lot to write about,’ and I was like wow, he’s right.”

Lute is a lyrical artist. Although he’s from the south, his music and lyrics give off an East Coast sound. Lute installs real-world experiences in the music, he talks about his daughter and the struggle of growing up in his last project released through the label, West 1996 pt.2.

As an artist, Lute isn’t on a mainstream caliber, he’s in the process of rising to stardom. Lute is now starting to bubble and possess attention from Dreamvillans and other music lovers.

Lute will be performing live at Dreamville Fest, along with the whole Dreamville family on April 6 in North Carolina.

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