Coming At You Live — A Dreamville Advance – Featuring Ari Lennox

By:  Jaz’man Hampton, Contributor, Regional Music Journal

To obtain prominence in a male-dominated label may be looked upon as difficult, however, that isn’t the case of D.C. native, Ari Lennox. Signing to Dreamville Records in 2015, Ari hit the ground running, releasing her debut EP ‘Pho’ just one year later in 2016. The songstress didn’t rise to a mainstream level with the first project, although, it allotted upward momentum in her career, which secured a loyal fan-base.

In an interview with Billboard last fall, Ari Lennox talked a little about signing to Dreamville, “My music had been circling throughout Dreamville, and they wanted me to fly out to work with [J.Cole] on some references for Rihanna. But they wound up being my records cause I’m just not really a songwriter for other artists.” However, in a more recent interview with Hot 97, her signing story changed, drastically. The “made up” story involved her tap-dancing and singing in Poland, which oddly caught the attention of major recording artist J.Cole. To Ari Lennox it doesn’t actually matter how she became a part of the Dreamville family, she even uttered in the Hot 97 interview that the question is annoying at this point in her career. Ari Lennox is just happy to be in her position.

Standing alone as the only female signed to Dreamville, Ari Lennox isn’t taking time off to let the boys outshine her. After a series of singles, and a major feature from the teams leader J.Cole, Ari Lennox is now teasing a full project that will drop in 2019, although she doesn’t have an official release date, she has communicated to fans the album will come “before winter”. In the day and age of “surprise release dates” its captivating to have a young artist attempt an official album release roll-out.

Ari Lennox has a soulful tone, yet an edgy language, which conveys the perfect amount of innocence and excitement. Ari once referred to herself as the “Lil Kim of Soul” and for a loyal Ari Lennox fan, this comparability would be spot on. Through her music, Ari Lennox is able to speak for the female who isn’t bold or able take risk in their everyday life. She sees her music as “vulnerable and soulful; imperfect but pretty,” per

Queen of Instagram Live (IG Live), Ari Lennox is able to change a mood with the energy she gives on her social. From talking to her family, yelling “get that a** back in the air, get back up there,” to a plane flying over her neighborhood, which she believed to be traveling too low over her home, or playing with her large dog, Ari Lennox is a great IGer to watch. Her IG Live is so popular in the Dreamville Camp, often times’ members of the team join in to watch or comment about her wild antics on their personal social accounts.

You can catch Ari Lennox and the whole Dreamville Label at the first ever Dreamville Fest April 6 in North Carolina.

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