About Us

At Regional Music Journal our primary focus is the promotion of local and regional talent.  We provide an outlet for musicians in the South Central Region of the United States, most notably Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas, so they can have their music promoted and reach a wider audience.  Our vision is to create a source for both fans and musicians by providing reviews of albums and live shows, but also covering business aspects important to musicians through informative articles about the music business.  In addition to covering local and regional musicians, we also focus on venues in the region, as well as any festivals that are held in any of the five states we cover.  By covering national artists touring in our region, we are able to reach a wider readership and ultimately provide greater exposure to regional musicians.  We also help bands from outside the region who wish to break into our area.  Regional Music Journal continues to grow and reach new music fans daily.  We are thankful for the artists who have trusted us to tell their stories for them and look forward to meeting many more talented people in the future.